About the Station

Abstract Radio Worldwide was founded on November 12, 2018 by station owner and music director Gregory Short. The first full day of broadcasting was Monday, November 19, including songs by just a handful of artists. Abstract Radio Worldwide went off the air on July 16, 2020.

Short founded the internet radio station because of his growing interest in the musical outskirts, including experimental, drone, noise, avant garde, musique concrète, minimalist, improvisation, ambient, soundscapes, and more. In selecting artists, he focused on independent and unsigned, as well as artists on indie labels.

Abstract Radio Worldwide was based in Southern California’s Inland Empire, but proudly aired music from around the world.

About the Music Director

Gregory Short has a lifelong love affair with all types of music, enjoying every genre from classical to extreme metal. He collects music in a number of formats, including vinyl, cassettes, compact discs, and mini discs. His favorite band has been The Doors for over 30 years.

Though he doesn’t consider himself a musician, he has had a number of musical projects under the monikers Lucky Tourist, After the Static, DJ Rerun, DJ Bleak, and most recently Hisstoric. As Lucky Tourist, one of his songs was used in a commercial played at New York Clippers games. That resulted in his only significant payday as a music maker. He continues to make music simply for the love of it, settling into the experimental music niche.

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